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Since 1998, Acesian Technologies Pte Ltd (formerly known as Linair Technologies Limited) is the one-stop provider of environmental solutions and integrated services to diverse industries including the semiconductor, wastewater treatment, chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. 


Tapping into the experience of our key global partners, we have established a strong position in the duct manufacturing industry through our uncoated welded stainless steel and FM 4922 approved Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) coated stainless steel ductworks. Being FM 4922 Approved, our ductworks are used for fume and smoke removal without the necessity of internal fire protection sprinklers which are highly corrosion resistant against both flammable and non-flammable corrosive/toxic fumes in exhaust systems. Acesian is always at the cutting-edge of new technology to provide the best turnkey solutions that meets the increasing demands and expectations of our clients.

We also offer solutions that provide critical environment airflow control for critical locations such as Healthcare, Laboratories, Clean Room and also Universities. With our real-time “true” venturi flow measurement feedback and control, together with ETFE coating, it is the ideal choice for critical airflow services as it not only provides energy savings, but also handles highly flammable or corrosive fumes in exhaust systems; ensuring a safe environment for work.


The Innovation of Exhaust Fume System (CMT™)

The Challenge

Generally, most duct work is constructed with the use of PVC, FRP and POLYCARBONATE etc. However, due to the undesirable flame process and amount of smoke generated during fires, these materials are not allowed to be used in any non-sprinkler applications in the market.


Additionally, with the increase in the development of the semi-conductor industry, there is a great demand of exhaust fume system from clean room operation for fireproof and cost-effectiveness to avoid unscheduled operation interruption by fire.


The Solution

CMT™ is composite of highly corrosive resistance ETFE bonded to the toughness of stainless steel. Meeting the Factory Mutual Requirements, CMT™ offers the best solution to fume exhaust problems. Coating of Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) provides chemical resistance & continuous operating temperature. It also prevents corrosion & is fire resistant.


Tough stainless steel ensures integrity through fire disasters and chemical spills. It is cost effective as it can be used in non-sprinkler application and it is easy to install on site. 

Our Process

To ensure the quality of our ducts we go through a meticulous process of fabrication.

Here is an overview of the entire process.


Preparation & Laser Cutting

Once order specs reaches factory, our team will prepare and start cutting the required material for the fabrication process. 


Forming & Welding

Thereafter, forming process takes place and the fabrication team will start welding the duct lines to complete and hold the ducts in position. 

Sandblasting & Coating

Next would be the process of sandblasting. In order to allow coating to remain on surface, sandblasting is needed to roughen the inner surfaces of the ducts. Thereafter, the ducts would be sprayed and ensured that the coating's thickness is well controlled and finished off by sending to oven for the curing process.


QC & Packing

Lastly, there will be a quality check to ensure ACESIAN standards are met before washing and packing for delivery into our warehouse.


Our Quality Assurance

Made in Stainless Steel 304 or 316.

Proper checks on Stainless Steel Substrate to ensure completed welds and proper surface treatment

before coating.

Coating material is ETFE (Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene) & thickness is 280μ.
Pin hole test conducted by DC spark tester at 2.0 KV/280
μ to ensure pin hole free protective coating.

Factory Mutual (FM) Research Corporation clean room materials flammability test class 4910 (PASSED)

Factory Mutual (FM) Research Corporation Standard 4922 (Approved)

Meets both ASTM E-84 & SMACNA Standard.

Coating is repairable for field damage conditions by hot air gun.

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