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Fast Response Variable Air Volume (VAV)


ECOFLOW Venturi Damper


ACESIAN’s ECOFLOW Venturi Damper

Our ECOFLOW Venturi Damper is a dedicated product engineered for Critical Environment Airflow Solutions. The critical control in measurement makes it the best for all critical environment that requires accurate airflow control to ensure environmental integrity, occupant safety and energy efficiency, where the right amount of airflow, in the right place, at the right time.


Performance through accuracy

Paired with maintenance-free high accuracy pressure transducer, controller and fast response electric actuator, ECOFLOW Venturi Damper achieves accurate & repeatable TRUE airflow measurement, monitor, feedback & control. 


Probe-less Innovation

ECOFLOW Venturi Damper provides ultimate airflow measurement through unique Venturi profile. Being probe-less & pressure regain ability, ECOFLOW Venturi Damper will operate at an industry low pressure drop, maximizing HVAC system efficiency.


Chemical Resistance & Fire Safety

ECOFLOW Venturi Damper coated with FM approved ETFE (Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene) make it the only product of its class in the market to be able to withstand highly aggressive and corrosive chemicals in the harshest environment, additionally, offering excellent fire protection through its high quality steel construction.


Seamless Integration

ECOFLOW Venturi Damper is capable of stand-alone operation and also able to integrate smoothly with all Building Management System (BMS) and most Fume Hood Controllers, allowing for design flexibility and customization. ECOFLOW Venturi Damper is BACnet® ready.

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