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Acesian Group is constantly looking for people with dynamic drive and to contribute their skills and knowledge to our growing organization.

Be Part Of Us:

1.    Good annual reward system (Pay + Bonus)


2.    Work with the best – When products are FM Approved, you know that they conform to the highest standards of quality, technical integrity and performance. FM Approvals has been a trusted source of property loss prevention product evaluation for more than a century. FM Approved and various accreditation allows us to propel the business into the sustainable economy.  Over our decades of experience, we have been fortunate to develop a team of knowledgeable and long-tenured experts.

3.    Growth Opportunities – Equal opportunities and wealth of opportunities for advancement

4.    Fast track promotion when you prove that you are ready!

5.    Fun group of team members to support each other

Tell us about your project today.

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